Meaning is the awareness of an awareness.

When the object becomes aware of its subject, it has purpose.

When the subject becomes aware of its object, it has contentment.

To perceive things as subjects, is spiritual. To perceive things as objects, is worldly.

Time begins with the separation of object and subject.

The subject is always at the center, and all objects relative to it. It is the summation, or multiplication, of all its objects. The narratological structure is implicitly circular.

Time is the multivalent arrangement of objects, forming a linear appearance of subject. Orienting around an object, the subject becomes abstract or lost.

The awareness of an awareness of an awareness—etcetera—brings profundity as a complexity of subjectivity. The eternal.

The conceptualization of an object relative to another object relative to another object—etcetera—brings illusion as a complexity of objectivity. The temporal.