are the philosophic and poetic electrate writing projects of gallerist-salonnier,




War is the externalization of civilization’s division of community, as one that hates themself becomes a bully.

The division of community is called society. War, as does society, seeks to divide and conquer.


Creation does not want because it is everything in simultaneity. That is why creativity is a moral imperative, and why the creative process is so fundamental and powerful to us.

Desire comes from the separation of object and subject, from which self-awareness also arises. To be part of creation is to experience a profound contentment in which reality is synchronistic. 

We cannot say, “from Creation’s perspective”, because it is an infinite dimension—as π references—and all singularities are intersections of its field.

Witnessing is a distortion of the moment of being—a perspective, a stretching, and a slowing (the exerience of “time”). It is the refraction at the edge of an event horizon; a dissonance from any number of harmonies colliding, slowing into a new harmony.

These refractions between existential mediums, which are the manifestations of conciousness, happen just like refractions of light do—going from one medium to another: crystal to water, water to air, air to vacuum—but as matter to the void, the space between.


In the well of my being
a black hole does lie
do not fear it, it is
the silence in my storm;

Only circuitous paths bring
seekers to its deep eye
please secure it, it is
a dark pearl for your palm;

Go beneath it above holding
and find a whelming to thy
recognition of others, it is
the great place all company.


We don’t die alone, but we die all together, with everyone and everything that ever has died or will die. Not in a conceptual or figurative way, but in a literal way.

The end of our consciousness is the end of our experience of time, and the end of our separation from the synchronistic dimensions of being.

There is something deeper than our consciousness that is what our intuition rides on, that is the flow of our destiny. It is the ground of our experience, and it is what connects us to all of existence.

If you dismiss the contemporaneous existence of the future or past as only concepts, and acknowledge only the very moment of your being in the present as reality, then causation falls apart. There is only a musical field in which we exist and experience.