The ‘self’ is the possibility of subject or object. To be or not to be.

The ‘other’ is the impossibility of subject or object, because it is only what you are not. You are subject, it is object. You are object, it is subject.

The division begins with self-awareness—the object and subject in relationship. The reconciliation of object and subject is responsibility.

Desire is resultant of the division of object and subject, intrinsically looking for reconciliation.

Pleasure is the experience of object without reconciliation. Object-hood cannot be obtained because it primarily exists outside the subject. The subjectification of the object.

Pain is the experience of the subject without reconciliation? Or pain is the experience of the reconciliation of the object? No, because then a return to our source would be inherently painful rather than blissful.

Knowledge is the objectification of the subject, which is painful and Sisyphean.

Beauty is seeking for the subject through the object, or the subjectificafion of the object, implicit and invisible.

To Oscar Wilde’s statement, “To become a spectator of one's own life is to escape the suffering of life”, is to recognize oneself as a subject rather than a collection of objects.

Joy is the experience of subject-ness.

The sun is the subject and the moon it’s object, or the moon is the subject and the sun it’s object? The sun does not change to acknowledge the moon, however the moon does change to acknowledge the sun. The sun in its absence alters the story, from day to night, and makes the moon shine.