Creation does not want because it is everything in simultaneity. That is why creativity is a moral imperative, and why the creative process is so fundamental and powerful to us.

Desire comes from the separation of object and subject, from which self-awareness also arises. To be part of creation is to experience a profound contentment in which reality is synchronistic. 

We cannot say, “from Creation’s perspective”, because it is an infinite dimension—as π references—and all singularities are intersections of its field.

Witnessing is a distortion of the moment of being—a perspective, a stretching, and a slowing (the exerience of “time”). It is the refraction at the edge of an event horizon; a dissonance from any number of harmonies colliding, slowing into a new harmony.

These refractions between existential mediums, which are the manifestations of conciousness, happen just like refractions of light do—going from one medium to another: crystal to water, water to air, air to vacuum—but as matter to the void, the space between.