Love is not an emotion,
or combination of feelings.

This is the single greatest confusion in modern culture.

Love is a total process and mode of being—a spirit—of unity.

This unification is profoundly with oneself—which is to say with the elemental reality that precedes our thoughts and senses—a closer synchronicity with our fundamental nature.

When we love, we close the gap between our awareness and direct reality. The fantasies we have about ourselves—our identities—go flimsy in our moments of vulnerability, releasing powerful emotions.

The taboos we believe over ourselves—which are really our fantasies of power over others—collapse towards the truth, which is freedom and beauty.

With the magic of vulnerability,
through the spirit of love,
the magus of humility,
brings pleasure, pain, longing, anger, joy, awe—
all exploding out of implosions towards
the awesome awareness of our essence.