It seems that the State started when we started keeping track of things. Writing somehow must be to blame. Thoth stole semiotics from the moon and put them in making marks. Oral tradition kept knowledge intimate, making pain meaningful.

First writing made knowledge profane, then further printing, and now digitization; making pain meaningless and numbness meaningful (because as Fellini pointed out, all knowledge is pain and all pain is knowledge).  

So why would I want to write? Why approach the pulpit? The State is a function of tallies. The Church is a dysfunction of forgiveness (in the sense of a derivative of the State of Nature). Maybe the creative impulse is to cross them?

The one thing you really aren’t supposed to do, is the only thing that will stun Leviathan. Any type of writing that is mixing up the tallies while equating forgiveness, might cause a seizure in Leviathan.