When civility sublimates nature it is called culture.

Nature, and the nature of something—its essence—is the thing without the formality.

If consciousness proceeds matter, or spirit essentially, then its principles are atemporal, which is to say geometric.

Meaning is the awareness of another awareness.

Is spirit consciousness? Spirit must be the geometric principle as temporal.

Awareness is self reflective, a resonance.

Dissonance is the awareness of an unawareness, or a non-resonance. That is preceded by resonance however, and relative to its perpetuation.

Dissonance is mystery.

Rhythm is the continuity of consciousness. Dissonance made rhythmic is the birth of a new consciousness. Therefore all consciousness is descendent from a more fundamental.

Mystery leads to new modes of consciousness.

Essence is the symphony of all principles in motion. The living divined. All resonance and dissonance at once, realized as a composite whole - swirling and alive.

To say, in essence, is to say as a gestalt, or the rough summation of principles which realizes the thing. Without the principles there is no realization, and without the essence there is no thing.