CORAZON DEL SOL, 01.22.21:

“Our actions require an object outside of themselves. It is not because we need to sustain the illusion of some impossible immortality: it is because it is implicit in our moral being and it cannot be lost, even partially, without that moral being losing its reason for existence. There is no need to demonstrate that in such a state of collapse the slightest cause for depression can easily give rise to desperate acts. When life is not worth living, everything becomes a pretext for ridding ourselves of it.”

Emile Durkheim

—-List of scenes....

Jair Bolsonaro getting baptized in Isreal in the river Jordan in 2018 by an evangelical preacher in a successful bid to align himself with the evangelical for his presidency. 75% of evangelicals voted for him.

Members of the Universal Church the Kingdom of God Rio running the Ark of the Covenant around the periphery of church.

Scenes of the Ark being carried for the Inauguration of Solomon’s Temple in São Paolo a 10,000 seat replica of the biblical temple built in Jerusalem in the eleventh century BC. Built by Edir Macedo founder of the Universal Church

Evangelical CGI infomercial on the power of the Ark of the Covenant

More evangelical infomercials on the apocalypse and the hell that will reign down on all non Christians

Unveiling of The Great White Throne that signals the final judgment before being thrown into the lake of burning sulfur

Scene of final rapture where all Christians float up to meet Jesus