is run by,

Øculist •° Øccultist
Robert Zin Stark

...and is an experimental exhibition format premised on the Public becoming plurally virtual and spatial, therefore changing the nature of the Intimate, and creating the need for a new architecture and ritual.


...are streamed live from spaces of the artists choosing, and then broadcast in memoriam. They are plurally openings, exhibitions, performances, happenings, events, documentation, and singularities.

Blind Auctions

...are held for each exhibition with designated windows of time in which an inquirer may bid on the offered works. The auction is "blind" in that the bids are private. Imagine you are writing an offer on a slip and placing it in a box. The box is emptied once the auction closes and reviewed by the auctioneer and artist.

Place your best bid once. You will not be notified if you are outbid. The artist selects the bid of their choosing at the end of the silent auction, and may pass on any and all bids. Inquiries for guidance on art work values welcome. Artists will only see bids over the amounts of their choosing.

The accepted bidder is sent a confirmation and payment link with a window of one day to complete the transaction. Pluto Projects reserves the right to ban bidders who do not honor their bid—please bid with agency. 

Divisions of takings are made transparent for each silent auction.


...both emerging and established artists, cultivating an inclusive community within the art world.

Live streamed openings will be held three days a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Pluto Projects will be able to program over 150 exhibitions annually, independently or in conjunction with other galleries, giving the ability to support many more artists with more frequency than a traditional gallery program.