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25 minute stream

Zac Monday is an artist working in Los Angeles.

Find him on instagram @zeemonday

Zac Monday is a multi-disciplinary Artist. He will either hand-crochet full body ‘Beings’ out of simple yarns, or draw mystical landscapes as a ‘looking mediation’ with brush & India ink.

They both relate to the Artists’ expression of the Unconscious- a part of how we see; think, feel, react, to what we perceive as ‘Being’. Through the scale in the craftwork of yarn, as in the mediation drawings, Monday instills a deep patience with looking for the viewer, and a slow realizing of how great the possibilities of interpretation can be.

Beings: a human ‘state of being’ accumulated into the body mask (yarn husk) created, then worn and a performed ritual occurs.
    State of being: thoughts, feelings,
experiences of a moment in time.

Looking mediation: staring at something (landscape, object, artwork) in order to clear your mind.

Being: a vessel for a soul.