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In creating these acrylic skins, layers of paint build up to create a thick skin all intertwined with scrapes, scratches, spatters and stamping.  This show is a documentation of some of that process. Similar to a cooking show, this process takes time and is built up on anticipation. The anticipation in any cooking show is the reveal of the final bake being pulled out of the oven. In the studio, the anticipation leads up to the moment of seeing the final result of the acrylic skin being peeled and revealed.


Orrin Whalen is a painter-sculptor who currently works in Los Angeles. He attended Emerson College where he earned his BFA in Design/Technology for Theater with a focus on scenic painting from Emerson College.

He sculpts and collages with handcrafted acrylic skins, building desired formations of flowing fabric or scaley chipped assemblages.

His work is an exploration of texture and color influenced by form from a simpler world. Shapes of palm fronds, flowing fabric or desert cracked sand are hidden subtly in his work, while we are bombarded by noise of colors and varying textures. The pieces leave contemplation for the consumption of simplicity by the noise of the world.