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Huey Lightbody is an artist Based in Virginia Beach. With an unorthodox perception of understanding, Lightbody expresses immense love for the act of surrender and understanding  the strengths that lie within that practice. Lightbody believes heavily in the power of will and the ability to manifest ones own perception of what is and what is not, a reality chosen for themself in the act of acceptance. Lightbody’s growth and evolution over the years as an artist and being gave way to the many mediums of creativity and voice. Utilizing deep travels of introspection to portray the wonders of the world around and within them. With an artistic practice focusing on the exploration of energetic language, emotion, and the all that mirrors the self; Lightbody uses his comprehension of the lower and higher vibrational energies to portray their understandings of sexuality, duality, and awareness. Exploring a philosophy of subjectivity over objectivity, Lightbody’s process further  incorporates the practice of humility and constructivism by seeking to be an entity who is free and in love rather than “right”. .