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When my family left Vietnam, my mother was pregnant with me and she named me "Love" in Vietnamese. I've been thinking about going by Love Nguyen in 2021. For this show, I'm transitioning as Betty Love Nguyen. I recently sat down with my Spiritual Life Coach and coming into the session wanted to learn how to "hold space" better, and be a better listener. During our meditation together, the download came in through my crown chakra that said, "LOVE." When I told her, this is what I wanted to explore... she smiled, and was like, "Oh, just that simple thing that rules the universe?" It's now my guiding compass for all my work, relationships and how I communicate. Today, I read something on Instagram that said, "Deep Connections, Not Deep Attachments". This is how I want to approach my work. To fall in deep, with myself and my work and then to let it go to all who resonate with it. I am honored by the gifts that allow me to be creative and for this platform to support artists. It's been tricky with everything going on in the world, to find joy but I know that it's important to heal, find hope, inspire connection and create happiness. My photographs are my access points to other realms. My paintings are a way to heal. Both acts are physical in the process of making and being in the moment. I once heard from a collector of mine that my painting gave him good dreams. The intentions are there in the works. I'm excited as I feel the portal opening on Friday, July 10th at 8pm.