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Every map is a system of power. Color, shape and form when assembled and accepted lay claim to lands at the cost of lives. Sets of lines authored and edited narrate false histories of freedom. Colonization parceled land as it murdered and enslaved Indigenous peoples. Redlining institutionalized racial covenants, maintaining white supremacy with a focus on the subjugation of Black Americans. Gerrymandering continues to undermine American democracy. Each of these systems of oppression is implemented and upheld by the map.

Fault Lines deconstructs the cartographic language that builds and documents these systems. The illusion of a moving monument is created from shards of a false history. Seemingly interconnected forms are in reality a projection of remains: sharp glass fragments tenuously supported only by one another. The compass rose centers a dissolution of cartographic composition. Line and legend dissolve into interwoven candy-coated landscapes with only an indication of cardinal direction at its heart. Positioned exactly at the center of the work, the orientation is the decision of the owner, creating a reciprocal relationship between cartographer and navigator.