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Jacky "Rabbitt" Perez
(b. 1988, Artesia, CA)

BFA Otis College of Art and Design, 2013


Her name is Jacky, she was born Jacqueline, and some know her as Jack Rabbitt.

Born on an Election Day in the year of the Dragon in sunny Southern California, she is the first of her generation and last of her line. Her grandfather was a carpenter and her grandmother was a seamstress; she inherited his calluses and her precision. Perpetuating the same hands-on approach to life and livelihood as her predecessors, she continues to live and work in Los Angeles as an artist and fabricator.

In consternation with cautious optimism, she whittles away at work that seems meaningful, with a skillset that decidedly is so. As a fabricator, she makes a living building lucrative visions for other people. As an artist, she builds the tender objects she wants to live with. This is her first solo show, physically hosted, in a structure built entirely for this purpose 5 years ago. A personal palace for her projects and processes, she built the entirety of the structure and all of its layered interiors. This is where the beginning of every project starts, and where some have come to live.

Interested in the malleability of ideas and the environment around us, her personal work explores need, wants and the mother of invention. With a knowledge of materiality and a belief that creativity breeds autonomy, she is presenting a body of work made in spare time out of spare parts.

This live stream seeks to demonstrate electrically (in a step-by-step manner) what most people are capable of doing viscerally: investigating closely the elements that surround us in order to better understand how to operate amongst, and if necessary, alter them.